Olivareros esperando el turno de descarga y pesaje de la aceituna

The Phoenicians introduced olive trees more than 3000 years ago in Tierra Llana de Huelva. Since then olive trees have been cultivated in our town. The experience and knowledge gained by the Beas farmers in the cultivation of their olive groves, Beas Olive Oil became very famous and since the sixteenth century they began exporting to America.

The pioneering character of our farmers, who were experts in the culture of olive trees and true artisans of the oil, ensured continual research in the best formulas/systems, to improve the cultivation of the olive tree, until transforming the municipality into the largest producer in the province. At the same time, they pushed hard on the rural development of the region, which resulted in building the Campo San Bartolomé Cooperative in 1942, the first cooperative in the sector that was established in the province.

Today, the cooperative brings together all the local producers and continues to be at the forefront of olive oil technology, adopting a continuous milling system that follows the most appropriate standards to preserve the quality of the oil. In order to continue offering an extra virgin olive oil, of high-quality natural product, obtained after careful harvesting of the olives. The types are: Verdial, Picual and Arbequina varieties, grounded on the same day of harvesting.

In this way, Olibeas wants to cherish the trust, which you as a consumer have shown, towards our large experience of cultivation and the care, with which we pamper its fruits, to continue bringing to your table, natural olive juice from the highest quality.